TBB Bearing Quality Inspection And Quality Management System

TBB bearing is a trusted bearing supplier of bearing with more than 15 years of experience in bearing industry. Located in Shanghai China, the goal of TBB bearing is to meet and provide with satisfactort products and service. All of TBB bearing products go through a rigorous quality inspection before lunch to the market to ensure that each bearing exported is made to the excellent quality. Products are mainly exported to EUROPE, United State, Millde East and Asia. What’s more, we also keep a long-term cooperation with the National Institute to ensure that customers get qualified products. TBB company management systems are certified by SGS which are conforms and certified by ISO9001: 2000.


Our company has our own engineer team. Chen Huimin, TBB senior bearing testing engineer. He has been worked in the National Bearing Laboratory (Bearing Test Center (Shanghai), National Machinery Industry of China) since 1970s. He is familar with kinds of bearing testing standards, and skilled operation all kinds of bearing testing equipment. Proficency in bearing tasting and and international bearing standards, Chen Huimin can analyze the test data accurately.

Shi Xingpei isTBB bearing senior Technical Consultant and resercher-level senior engineer which was graduated from  Tsinghua University and worked in bearing industry since 1970s. Proficient in bearing production and well-know bearing applications, Shi Xingpei offers premium bearing quality solutions for customers.


To support the quality management, TBB bearing actively introduce the authority of the third testing to provide the ultimate quality assurance. Such as in Machinery Industry Bearing Products Testing Center(Shanghai), the test items include: life test analysis, roundness measurement, contour measurement, B&k vibration calibration system, industrial CT, certification and institutional certification. In addtion to conforming to its own quality standards for our customers, TBB bearing also maintain bearing industry quality certification ISO9001: 2000.


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